[Beyond Linux From Scratch] #1774: A test ticket (but actually something that bugs me)

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at specialtysigns.com
Mon Jan 23 14:29:57 PST 2006

 > Can this notification be turned off as it could in Bugzilla?

Sorry, I'm not subscribed to blfs-book. I only happened to see this 
because I was looking at the archives list to make sure the notification 
went through.

I assume you mean that the reporter can opt to receive notifications or 
not, correct? As far as I can tell, this feature has not yet been added 
to Trac. The admin, per environment, can turn on or off the following:


However, someone may be developing a plugin for this functionality - 
there is a whole community of plugins and hacks for Trac. I can research 
it more if this is an important feature.


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