Medium Terms Transaction!!!

Steve Paul euplottgivphx at
Thu Jan 12 12:29:38 PST 2006

Attention:                                                                                                         Date: Jan. 12/2006
I would like to start off by introducing myself. I am Steve Paul, I run a private financial consultant firm. My head 
office is in London, United Kingdom, but I also do have branch offices in Manchester, South Africa and Holland 
and Italy.
First of all, it may please you to know that I got your contact through a private search engine online.
I represent some high profile clients, both home and overseas. The British Government and their home 
government is currently clamping down on such people for corruption and many of them are looking for 
investors abroad to help them secure their funds otherwise they stand to lose everything they ever worked for. 
These funds runs into several millions of dollars, you will be adequately rewarded if you can secure the funds 
and if you are good at turning over capital on a medium term basis.

Should you be interested, please send us an email on the email address below for further information that will 
help you make your decision.


Steve Paul
Email: admin at 
      Or paul.steve at

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