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#1710: GNOME-2.14.0
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Comment (by randy at linuxfromscratch.org):

 GNOME Screensaver is highly likely as it is now listed as a core desktop
 package (http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/desktop/2.13/2.13.91/sources/).

 GNOME Power Manager is a let-folks-decide-and-if-we-think-it-should-we-
 kind of thing. Is it something mostly used for laptops?

 BTW, most of the (what I call) core desktop packages are now in BLFS.
 There are some that are not, and I look at them each time to see if
 there is some compelling reason to add it to the book. Things like
 dasher, evolution-{exchange,webcal}, gnome-system-tools (only because I
 think it would confuse everyone what Distro to choose so that GNOME
 uses the right tool) and vino just don't strike me as useful enough
 to be in the book.

 Of course, anyone provided input saying that these packages should be
 in the book will be very much considered. I don't like being the sole
 judge and jury. If someone thinks a particular package should be in
 the book, we will always consider it, then make a decision based on
 community input and the other criteria used to decide if a new package
 should be in the book.

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