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#1823: Surprising location of libgtkhtml2 without ORBit
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Comment (by randy at linuxfromscratch.org):


 You don't have to do anything about the dependencies.
 linkend=libgtkhtml will still point correctly even if the file
 is moved.

 Here's my thoughts (trying to remember) how to move a file.
 It is fairly elementary.

 1. Decide where to put it. (Does this belong in graphics libraries
 or general libraries)

 2. Do 'svn mv from to' on the file to move it in your sandbox. It
 is important that you do this first, and *not* modify it first, or
 you will not be able to do 'svn mv' without using the force option
 or something like that. (a commit between the operations,

 3. Modify the gnome/add/add.xml file to remove the entry for the

 4. Modify the general/graphlib/graphlib.xml (or whereever you put
 it) file to add the new entry.

 5. Make any modifications to the actual libgtkhtml.xml file (such
 as the prefix, etc). The file will now be in the new location.

 6. validate and render the XML

 7. Changelog - "moved yada yada yada"

 8. Commit

 I believe that is it. But I'm going on memory so I may have missed

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