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#1606: XFS-2.7.11
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Changes (by dnicholson at linuxfromscratch.org):

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 I started working on XFS-2.7.11.  A couple notes here:

   * No apparent gcc-4 issues anymore.

   * `-DDEBUG` causes xfs_bmap.c to bomb.  For some reason, it references a
 non-existant function called 'xfs_bmap_check_leaf_extents'.  This is
 easily solved by passing `-DNDEBUG` to `make`.

   * Passing `OPTIMIZER=""` suppresses -g debugging in compilation.

 The library installation is not right.  libhandle.so.1 and
 libhandle.so.1.0.3 are installed to /lib.  But:

   * There's no libhandle.so symlink.

   * The static libhandle.a and libhandle.la libtool archive aren't

   * libhandle.so.1.0.3 has 644 permissions.  (Not broken, but inconsisent
 with BLFS)

 All three is those are handled in a broken manner with `make install-dev`.
 Instead, I used these commands in my local build.

 chmod -v 755 /lib/libhandle.so*
 install -v -m755 -D libhandle/libhandle.la /usr/lib/libhandle.la
 install -v -m644 libhandle/.libs/libhandle.a /usr/lib
 ln -sv ../../lib/libhandle.so.1 /usr/lib/libhandle.so

 Oh, and I changed the sed to `sed -i '/autoconf/d' Makefile` since it
 seemed more accurate as it guards against any arguments in the autoconf
 command by deleting the whole line.


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