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#1816: xterm instructions
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 Noted in the new xterm instructions the following stuff. Not sure if
 we need/want to implement any of it, but it is what came to mind after
 looking over the instructions.

 1) pkgconfig should be listed as an optional dependency

 2) The localstatedir and sysconfdir paramaters should be explained what
 they do. I don't think they do *anything* really, so an explanation of
 why they are there is in order.

 3) Do we really want to have an open-ended [prefix] in the configure
 command? Nowhere else in the book, do we not at least specifically
 put *something* there. And then in the command explanation section it
 can be explained what you do or do not have to do. Shouldn't we have
 prefix=/usr/X11R6 and then instructions to modify from there?

 4) Should we run the 'make install-ti' command to install the updated
 terminfo stuff. The INSTALL file mentions that it probably should be

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