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#1813: Librsvg mozilla plugin build broken if using nss/nspr
 Reporter:  richard at langside.org.uk  |        Owner:  randy at linuxfromscratch.org
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 Richard is 100% correct about the breakage and that it needs to be
 fixed. In fact, I was probably wrong to downgrade the bug, as any
 broken build could easily be considered a major defect. With this
 in mind, and considering these other points:

 1a) disabling the build of the plugin is probably not the *best*
 solution, as there may be other browsers that can use it.

 1b) disabling the plugin doesn't fix the problem with the librsvg
 package, it only avoids it

 2) the librsvg package logic is bad in that it looks for the
 mozilla-config program, but doesn't use it correctly. If it were
 to simply used the cflags option of mozilla-config, this issue
 would not exist.

 It would be best to just fix the librsvg program. However, we do
 also have to contend with the following:

 1) We can't safely say that upstream needs to fix librsvg until
 the Firefox/Mozilla build of nspr actually works. Right now, in
 Firefox/Mozilla system-nspr cannot be used without patching the
 sources. We cannot expect librsvg devs to patch Mozilla/firefox
 for something that doesn't natively work

 2) We do need to address that if you have Firefox installed, you
 probably shouldn't link the plugin to the firefox plugin dir.

 Creating a patch for librsvg looks trivial. I will create that
 patch and attach it to this bug. Richard, my apologies for down-
 grading the bug without fully considering the situation. Because
 of my error in judgment there, I'd like to atone as best as possible
 by fixing this issue and putting it to rest. Patch is forthcoming.

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