[Beyond Linux From Scratch] #1809: blfs bootscript error in netfs, 'IGTERM unknown signal'

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#1809: blfs bootscript error in netfs, 'IGTERM unknown signal'
 Reporter:  ken at linuxfromscratch.org  |       Owner:  blfs-book at linuxfromscratch.org
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 When shutting down, the netfs bootscript provokes this error message, but
 since we don't really expect SIGTERM to do a lot, the script carries on
 successfully.  Looking at this, there seem to be several issues here:

 (i) in the grep to find NETMOUNTS, '|\' for '\|'

 (ii) the cause of the error message, fuser -m -SIGTERM $NETMOUNTS : this
 doesn't report an error if I change it to --SIGTERM so probably the
 psutils manpage is wrong, or perhaps it's an error in the fuser code.

 (iii) the sed to format NETMOUNTS is probably not doing what is intended -
 I have nfs mounts on /sources and /mnt/av, NETMOUNTS contains

  I've fixed the first two, patch at
  but the third item eludes me (I tried using a do loop while I was trying
 to work out what was wrong with the second point, but I'm not convinced
 that the later reference to $? will be correct after a loop).  So, all I
 can say for certain is that my patch removes the error message.

 /me pines for bug-tracking software that makes it easy to attach patches.

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