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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Sep 20 14:09:35 PDT 2005

Tushar Teredesai wrote these words on 09/20/05 15:56 CST:

> Shouldn't the pc file be created in XFree section? Technically the
> file belongs to XFree package, not cairo.

Helluva good idea. I will do that right now and modify the notes in
both the cairo and Metacity instructions. I'm going to modify it to
say that just recently BLFS installs a .pc file in the XFree

We'll keep this note in those packages until a new version of BLFS
is released. This will be a heads-up for folks that installed XFree
a long time ago, and just now are getting around to installing Cairo
and/or Metacity.

Does this sound okay?


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