[Bug 1674] OpenOffice-2.0

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Sat Nov 19 10:49:25 PST 2005


randy at linuxfromscratch.org changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
   Target Milestone|future                      |6.2

------- Additional Comments From randy at linuxfromscratch.org  2005-11-19 11:49 -------
Just some minor nitpicks:

1) pkgconfig can be removed as a dependency as the required dependency libIDL
already requires it. Listing pkgconfig is redundant.

2) JDK can be removed as a dependency as the required dependency Apache Ant
already requires it. Listing JDK is redundant.

3) In the recommended dependencies it is confusing because the word "and" is
in there twice. It is hard to get the meaning of it.

4) In the text it says "if not using the system-installed Mozilla or
Firefox", but Firefox is not listed in the dependencies.

5) In the note that says this: "If you have previously installed
Mozilla a change may be needed to the installed headers." there are 
two issues:

    1) A comma needs to be placed somewhere in the first sentence.
    2) It says a change "may" be needed. This is very confusing. How does
       one know if it is needed? Is it supposed to read, "If you have
       previously installed Mozilla, a change is needed to the ..."

6) There should probably be a -v in the cp command that installs the
package so that the installation is logged. Same thing for installing
the icons and .desktop files.

7) Typo in "diables the build of RPM packages"

8) Typo in "building the packagees included in the build tree."

9) Everywhere else in the book, the Short Descriptions are complete
sentences. Perhaps the ones here could be easily made into sentences as well.

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