Some broken links in BLFS 6.0

Bernard Leak bernard at
Sun Jun 19 12:40:21 PDT 2005

Dear Beyond (a fine name!),

                             Apologies if this duplicates existing bug 
I'm not sure whether any of these count as "bugs" (rather than
as "change requests"), but at all events the links don't seem to
work now, even if they once did.

The links to MCrypt are to the old page, which refers you to a new
page on sourceforge - which seems a bit pointless.
The old page was
the new location is

Oh, go on, change it...

... and a few other broken links:
the bzipped Perl modules are not at the specified location
  (domain name I found them
(individually) at
The links to t1lib 
are all broken - this seems not to exist.  I found it in the gentoo 
mirror in the
UK Academic mirror, but there are many copies all over.

Bernard Leak.

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