user/root separation

DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Jun 16 21:38:30 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> David Jensen wrote these words on 06/16/05 15:24 CST:
>>6). OpenOffice:
>>    Is OpenOffice-1.1.4 the final version we will go with?   Once is enough.
> I can't see 2.0 being ready before BLFS-6.1 is released. However,
> for this package wouldn't simply adding /opt/Ooo or /opt/openoffice
> or whatever the directory name is (versioned), be sufficient?
> Of course, there may also be an /etc/openoffice, or something
> similar. Perhaps DJ or someone else that has built it can let us
> know about /etc. But to me, just putting /opt/whateveritis should
> be sufficient for the build of OpenOffice.

Nope, no /etc/openoffice/, it is completely self contained.  2.0 won't
be out anytime soon.  /opt/OpenOffice-1.1.4/*, and maybe
~/OpenOffice-1.1.4/* should be sufficient for indexing.  Maybe
/opt/openoffice symlink to allow cheating for multiple versions, but
that can wait.  As far as root, the c++ includes symlink, the dir copy,
and program symlinks to /usr.  That's it for root.  I'll bargain for
time and get back into swing for release help shortly.  :-)

-- DJ Lucas

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