user/root separation

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Jun 16 13:28:33 PDT 2005

David Jensen wrote these words on 06/16/05 15:24 CST:

> 6). OpenOffice:
>     Is OpenOffice-1.1.4 the final version we will go with?   Once is enough.

I can't see 2.0 being ready before BLFS-6.1 is released. However,
for this package wouldn't simply adding /opt/Ooo or /opt/openoffice
or whatever the directory name is (versioned), be sufficient?

Of course, there may also be an /etc/openoffice, or something
similar. Perhaps DJ or someone else that has built it can let us
know about /etc. But to me, just putting /opt/whateveritis should
be sufficient for the build of OpenOffice.

It has been a *long* time since I built this package, so my notes
probably wouldn't be of any value.


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