user/root separation

David Jensen djensen at
Thu Jun 16 13:24:58 PDT 2005

Hi all,
There are 6 remaining user/root commands to fix:

1). Pine:  BUG#1121 new version
2). NcFTP: BUG#934  new version
3). Koffice:
I Will do the above 3 packages.

4). GnuCash: BUG#1224 new version. Assume randy will fix this

5). GnomeMeeting: has user/root fixed, but Installed Directories not 
    Does anyone have the deps for GnomeMeeting installed, I'd rather not.
6). OpenOffice:
    Is OpenOffice-1.1.4 the final version we will go with?   Once is enough.

David Jensen

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