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Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Wed Jun 15 08:06:45 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote these words on 06/15/05 09:43 CST:
>>Still, if it's felt that the text is misleading, that could probably be 
>>done with a for loop and a sed. (As long as the files are consistent.)
> Hey, I'm all for improvement, if something needs it. But, please
> sensibly make an argument how it is confusing that we say "install
> the package using the following commands"
> A bunch of commands are listed. However, before a couple of the
> commands, we say to be root. How is that confusing?
> Please, give me something to go on.
> We don't say which commands build and which commands install. Why
> is it being perceived that way?

I don't feel the way we are going is confusing anyone.  The orginal bug,
847, was filed a year ago.  We have been going through the packages for
quite a wile.  As Randy said, it was not done arbitrarily.  We had some
discussion about it.

The header says: Installation of X.  This is a process: configure; make;
su root; make install; exit.  The su root and exit are implied because
there are several ways to change to root. We use non-specific text instead.

The whole idea is to get away from being root all the time.  The process
we have supoprts that.  There is nothing prventing a user from ignoring
the advice and doing everything as root.

Let's leave the title and the changing to root as we have it.  I would
add one caveat.  On some packages we need to jump from regular user to
root and back a couple of times.  In these cases, some variation in the
text about changing to root is appropriate.  For example, see thunderbird.

BTW, bug 847 says Randy is going to write a lead-in for this issue in
Chapter 2 and then close the bug.  I suggest updating the "Notes on
Building Software" section in Chapter 2.

I have not done a comprehensive check to see if the "As root" paragraph
as been added to every package, but it would be nice to close this old bug.

  -- Bruce

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