fontconfig duplication during X compilation.

David Jensen djensen at
Fri Jun 10 17:41:56 PDT 2005

rhubarbpie at wrote:

> Greetings,
> I believe I understand the following note in the fontconfig.html 
> section of the documentation.
> Note
> X also includes an internal (and older) version of Fontconfig and 
> unless it is explicitly disabled when building XFree86, the internal 
> version is created leaving two slightly incompatible libraries on your 
> system. It is recommended that you only install one version.
> If I understand this correctly, this means I must change the following 
> section of the host.def file:
> #define HasFontconfig           YES
> I believe the section must be changed to:
> #define HasFontconfig           NO
> I missed this when I initially compiled X which caused Thunderbird to 
> not run.  I suggest that "#define HasFontconfig           NO" be added 
> to the note as an example of what must be done.
This really should be on blfs-dev, this is mostly auto generated status 

Note: HasFontconfig YES, means we already have it

/* These settings ensure we use our libraries ************************/
#define HasFreetype2             YES
#define HasFontconfig            YES

So if you did not install the separate version, change to NO.

if you have any suggestions, move to blfs-dev.
David Jensen

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