LFS distro howto

Steven C. exvor at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 1 20:46:39 PDT 2005

Thank you for your response randy let me clarify what
exactly im doing.  Im not trying to create a LFS
distro that will be offerd to the whole comunity or
anything Im simply trying to fill a void where alot of
LFS's have asked how to I make this into a distro that
I can move to new hardware without haveing to
recompile the whole thing over again.  This howto will
not teach you how to make a professional Distro that
can be put on compleatly diffrent hardware such as PC
to MAC but rather moving it from one x86 pc to another
x86 pc.  I got this idea after reading how a stage 3
install of gentoo works and how it could be modifyed
for LFS people that want to custom make a OS and then
tar that bastard up and move it to another similar
computer.  This can be done but with limitations. Im
not doing anything new just giving information on how
it can be done.  The information im creating can also
be used to backup your LFS sytem as well.  This is not
a LFS spefic howto even tho it has deep roots in it. 
Its more like a joint gentoo/LFS howto. 
    The howto im creating also must be clarifyed that
if you used complier flags when creating your LFS
system it will not work for you.  I hope that the
information i provided clears any suspisions on me
trying to make a Distro out of LFS because thats not
my intent rather for everyone to be able to move there
LFS to new hardware without remaking the whole system
over again  in essance everyone will have there own
distro :)

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