LFS distro howto

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jun 1 20:28:00 PDT 2005

Steven C. wrote these words on 06/01/05 20:36 CST:
> Hello everyone I wanted to annouce that Im currently
> working on a howto for lfs/blfs to move it to new
> hardware without recompiling. 

With all due respect to your idea and your work, I hope nothing
really comes of it. It sounds as though you are trying to make a
distribution out of the LFS/BLFS build.

This is not what LFS/BLFS is all about. The point of the whole
deal is to build it from scratch. Though what one does with
their LFS/BLFS is their business, it is hard to image folks in
the LFS community *contributing* to the idea of making an
installable distro from LFS/BLFS.

Now, if I'm wrong about your intentions, and the point of your
howto is simply copying files from one machine to another with
similar hardware, then I can see this. However, this could be
done easily using a live-cd and 1 or more installation CDs.

Sort of like if you were tasked to install Linux on 60 PCs in the
lab (all identical hardware), then yes, it would make sense to
clone the build.

Other than that, it wouldn't be LFS/BLFS.

Please understand, this is opinion only, and I'm only offering it
for the sake of discussion.


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