LFS distro howto

Steven C. exvor at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 1 18:36:07 PDT 2005

Hello everyone I wanted to annouce that Im currently
working on a howto for lfs/blfs to move it to new
hardware without recompiling.  This is a work in
progress and if anyone wants to help out with it or
maybe have any ideas on what they would like added to
it then let me know.  I have alredy contacted the
Maintainer for LFS so hopefull when there is a
somewhat compleated document you will be able to
obtain it there.  Otherwise you can contact me
directly though here and I will send you whatever
documentation that i currently have.  NOTE: tho some
of it is compleate its very scatterd and not at all
compleate if you ask for documentation now you will
recive broken and incompleate instructions that you
may or may not be able to follow.  Even tho I am the
person that is trying to devlop the howto its very
very alfa at this point and more of a scatterd notes
here and there then a real howto please only serious
questions thank you. 

:P Happy LFS

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