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DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jul 31 21:25:49 PDT 2005

Archaic wrote:

> -DUSE_TLS is preferred as it only brings in the code that is truly
> necessary. To verify, run postconf -d |grep tls or ldd /usr/sbin/master.
> (Also, see TLS_CHANGES.)

I'm a little curious about that...Here is the entry from the TLS_CHANGES
file that caused our breakage:

>> 2003/06/18
>>   - Checked out similar settings, found another missing entry:
>>     var_smtp_scert_vd was missing src/smtp/smtp.c.
>>   - Renamed HAS_SSL to USE_TLS for compilation (have to use -DUSE_SSL
>>     in the future). Currently pfixtls.h will take care of setting
>>     USE_TLS, when HAS_SSL has been defined.

See the 'future' statement, while both do appear to work, TLS_README
confirms -DUSE_TLS is the prefered method.

> If you pass this (watch the quoting):
> -DDEF_DAEMON_DIR=\"/usr/lib/postfix\" -DDEF_MANPAGE_DIR=\"/usr/share/man\"

A nice additon, Thanks.  Have to change all to single quotes.

> You can reduce the install command to:
> sh postfix-install -non-interactive

Looking at the Makefile, we could also do 'make upgrade' but that might
confuse more than just running the script directly.  :-)

> There are two things to note about this:
> 1) There is no declaration of a sample directory. Reason, it hasn't been
> used since 2.1 (per post-install script) and nothing is installed there.
> For some reason it is still declared, but the default is /etc/postfix
> which is fine again because nothing should be installed there. If we use
> /usr/share/doc/postfix then an empty directory will be created. 

Yes this was actually mentioned elsewhere but I can't remember where I
had seen it.

> 2) /usr/lib/postfix vs. /usr/sbin  The language is quite clear in the
> post-install script: "This directory should not be in the command search
> path of any users."

And noted....and change locally.  Should be in as soon as I reconfigure
and test the bootscript.

> Hope this helps!

It certainly does.  Thank you.

-- DJ Lucas

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