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Randy McMurchy LFS-User at mcmurchy.com
Sun Jul 31 06:36:38 PDT 2005

TheOldFellow wrote these words on 07/31/05 08:32 CST:

> My mileage varied from yours.  I don't have Heimeros and it refuses to
> configure with the option set.  I decided to document it the way I did
> for that reason.

That is very odd. I never noticed this before. Just for the sake of
my knowledge, could you post the configure error to -dev. I would like
to re-examine this issue. The default Mozilla builds with the extensions
line found in browser/config/mozconfig in the source tree. This is how
it would be built if we used the client.mk build instructions suggested
by Mozilla (which ends up with the same end-result).

> Why don't we put --enable-extensions=all and have done with it?  (Like
> Mozilla).

No, we should absolutely not do that. Please read the source build
documentation on the Moz web site about this. Using =all will break
certain components of Firefox, including the word search utility,
among other things.


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