[Bug 824] Courier-0.51.0

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jul 30 20:28:26 PDT 2005

Archaic wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 10:21:28PM -0600, blfs-bugs at linuxfromscratch.org wrote:
>>------- Additional Comments From bdubbs at linuxfromscratch.org  2005-07-29 22:21 -------
>>This is a very problematic package and there seems to be little interest from
>>users or editors.  Reopen when someone interested develops the proper
>>instructions for inclusion in the book.
> If there is no interest in the server, would just the IMAP side (the
> only thing I have interest in and do use) be something people would like
> to see? My only concern is that I generally do my own thing with
> packages, so finding the time to develop 2 sets of instructions is not
> very easy. Case in point is postfix. I have been keeping up to date with
> it lately as I am prepping a new mail server, but it's not the same as
> the current book procedure.

No, it's not.  In fact, this should be a blocker. The postfix
instructions are incorrect for 2.2 series for TLS.  The patch should be
removed completely, and the defines need changed to -DUSE_TLS.  If you
have other notes to add for postfix, please, please speak up on
blfs-dev.  It's next on my list, but I haven't built it since the
2.1.9?? IIRC  I just realized it had been droped too (that's 3).  I need
to pay better attention.

As far as courier-imap, certainly!  I had even though about suggesting
this myself previously but haven't had (or made) the time.  I've used
vmpop3d and toyed with cyrus-imap, and finally settled very happily on
courier-imap, as I suspect have a lot of other people as opposed to the
rest of pop/imap servers.  Interesting is that qpopper is the only pop3
server in the book and I've never touched it.

I have absolutely no interest in the full courier package myself, but
had used it in the past and so was familiar with it before the
authdaemon sep??? (uses authlib since 0.48).  If you'd like to write up
courier-imap post 6.1, I'd be happy to comment or (more likely the case)
just say "yeah, looks good to me!".  If you don't have the time right
now, bug it and we'll get to it when time permits.

-- DJ Lucas

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