[Bug 1472] Fcron Dependencies

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------- Additional Comments From LFS-User at mcmurchy.com  2005-07-29 13:28 -------
Trying to provide addtional information for Richard:

There are actually two policies involved here.

1) Packages installed in LFS shall not be annotated as dependencies in
BLFS. LFS specifies that an Editor (VIM, or a substitute) is installed.
Therefore, BLFS should assume the reader has a text editor installed 
and does not need to list this redundant item.

2) Dependencies shall only be listed in the "dependencies" section if
such dependency is required to compile and install the package. In the
case of Fcron, the package will compile and install without the text
editor. It is only required later, so this should be annoted in a note
in the configuration section.

Item 1) does not need explanation because if LFS dependecies were listed,
I suspect there would need to be literally hundreds of additional 
dependency items added to BLFS.

Item 2) can be further seen to be policy by looking at the DocBook-utils
package, which cannot be used unless a "which" program is installed.
However, "which" is not listed in the dependecies, rather there is a note
in the configuration section saying it is required. There are other
packages with similar requirements, but none spring to mind right now.

Hope this helps.

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