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Date: 2005-07-29 09:46:09 -0600 (Fri, 29 Jul 2005)
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Fix some speling errors

Modified: trunk/BOOK/book/preface.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/book/preface.xml	2005-07-29 15:23:18 UTC (rev 4829)
+++ trunk/BOOK/book/preface.xml	2005-07-29 15:46:09 UTC (rev 4830)
@@ -183,7 +183,7 @@
     <para>Here we introduce basic configuration and security issues.  We also
-    discuss a range of editors, file systems and shells which aren't covered in
+    discuss a range of editors, file systems, and shells which aren't covered in
     the main LFS book.</para>
     <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part III - General Libraries and Utilities</bridgehead>
@@ -195,57 +195,55 @@
     <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part IV - Connecting to a Network</bridgehead>
-    <para>Here we cover how to connect to a network when you aren't using
-    the simple static IP setup given in the main
-    LFS book.</para>
+    <para>Here we cover how to connect to a network when you aren't using the
+    simple static IP setup given in the main LFS book.</para>
     <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part V - Basic Networking</bridgehead>
     <para>Networking libraries and command-line networking tools make up the
     bulk of this part.</para>
-    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part VI - Server Networking</bridgehead>
+    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part VI - Major Servers</bridgehead>
     <para>Here we deal with setting up mail and other servers (such as
-    <application>SSH</application>, <application>CVS</application>, etc.).</para>
+    <application>SSH</application>, <application>Apache</application>, etc.).</para>
-    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part VII - Content Serving</bridgehead>
-    <para>In this part we deal with databases and web server software.</para>
+    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part VII - X + Window Managers</bridgehead>
-    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part VIII - X + Window Managers</bridgehead>
     <para>This part explains how to set up a basic <application>X Window
     System</application> installation along with some generic
     <application>X</application> libraries and Window managers.</para>
-    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part IX - KDE</bridgehead>
+    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part VIII - KDE</bridgehead>
     <para>For those who want to use the <application>K Desktop
     Environment</application> or some parts of it, this part covers it.</para>
-    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part X - GNOME</bridgehead>
+    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part IX - GNOME</bridgehead>
     <para><application>GNOME</application> is the main alternative to
     <application>KDE</application> in the Desktop Environment arena and
     we cover both <application>GNOME</application>-1.4
     and <application>GNOME</application>-&gnome-version; here.</para>
-    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part XI - X Software</bridgehead>
+    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part X - X Software</bridgehead>
     <para>Office programs and graphical web browsers are important to most people.
     They, along with some generic <application>X</application> software can be
     found in this part of the book.</para>
-    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part XII - Multimedia</bridgehead>
+    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part XI - Multimedia</bridgehead>
     <para>Here we cover setting multimedia libraries and drivers along with some
     audio, video and CD-writing programs.</para>
-    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part XIII - Printing, Scanning and Typesetting</bridgehead>
+    <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Part XII - Printing, Scanning and
+    Typesetting (PST)</bridgehead>
-    <para>The PST part of the book covers things from <application>Ghostscript</application>,
-    <application>CUPS</application> and <application>DocBook</application>
-    to installing <application>TeX</application>.</para>
+    <para>The PST part of the book covers document handling with applications like
+    <application>Ghostscript</application>, <application>CUPS</application> and
+    <application>DocBook</application> to installing
+    <application>TeX</application>.</para>
     <bridgehead renderas="sect2">Appendices</bridgehead>

Modified: trunk/BOOK/introduction/welcome/changelog.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/introduction/welcome/changelog.xml	2005-07-29 15:23:18 UTC (rev 4829)
+++ trunk/BOOK/introduction/welcome/changelog.xml	2005-07-29 15:46:09 UTC (rev 4830)
@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@
       <para>July 10th, 2005 [djensen]: Added recommendation to skip
-      the Berkley DB test-suite.</para>
+      the Berkeley DB test-suite.</para>
@@ -575,7 +575,7 @@
       <para>May 31st, 2005 [bdubbs]: Added section explaining system user
-      and group numerical asssignments.</para>
+      and group numerical assignments.</para>

Modified: trunk/BOOK/server/mail/exim.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/server/mail/exim.xml	2005-07-29 15:23:18 UTC (rev 4829)
+++ trunk/BOOK/server/mail/exim.xml	2005-07-29 15:46:09 UTC (rev 4830)
@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@
     heavily commented with instructions on how to do this. Listed below is
     additional information to help you link these dependency packages.</para>
-    <para>To use a backend database other than <application>Berkelely
+    <para>To use a backend database other than <application>Berkeley
     DB</application>, see the instructions at <ulink

Modified: trunk/BOOK/server/mail/postfix.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/server/mail/postfix.xml	2005-07-29 15:23:18 UTC (rev 4829)
+++ trunk/BOOK/server/mail/postfix.xml	2005-07-29 15:46:09 UTC (rev 4830)
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@
         <para>To use SSL/TLS authentication with
         <application>Postfix</application>, you will first need to apply a
-        patch availible from <ulink
+        patch available from <ulink
         Unzip the patch tarball, and apply it with the following commands:</para>

Modified: trunk/BOOK/server/major/samba3.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/server/major/samba3.xml	2005-07-29 15:23:18 UTC (rev 4829)
+++ trunk/BOOK/server/major/samba3.xml	2005-07-29 15:46:09 UTC (rev 4830)
@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@
       <para>Due to the complexity and the many various uses for
       <application>Samba</application>, complete configuration for all the
-      package's cababilities is well beyond the scope of the BLFS book. This
+      package's capabilities is well beyond the scope of the BLFS book. This
       section provides instructions to configure the
       <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename> file for two common scenarios.
       The complete contents of <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename> will

Modified: trunk/BOOK/server/other/svnserver.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/server/other/svnserver.xml	2005-07-29 15:23:18 UTC (rev 4829)
+++ trunk/BOOK/server/other/svnserver.xml	2005-07-29 15:46:09 UTC (rev 4830)
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@
       Optionally you can pass <option>bdb</option> in place of
       <option>fsfs</option> in the following command to create a
-      BerkelyDB data-store.</para>
+      BerkeleyDB data-store.</para>
       <para>Create a new <application>Subversion</application> repository with
       the following commands:</para>

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