Some mysteries and errors in live BLFS book

Bernard Leak bernard at
Fri Jul 22 09:57:12 PDT 2005

Dear List,

I don't know how to use the instructions for installing a dictionary for 
the Book (still) says configure/make/make install .
Eh?  Am I missing something, or is this daft?
I mean, at the very least, I'd like to know where to put the dictionary I've
fetched from the suggested location...

The section for "libpng-1.2.8" doesn't list zlib as a dependency, but of
course it is one.

In the "w3m" section, nkf is listed as in Debian's "unstable" tree, but 
it's migrated
to "stable".

The old version of gnome-print  (gnome-print-0.37) has an HTTP source listed
as the mirror.  I think it's not unique, though I haven't 
specifically.  Shouldn't that be from the site like the 
A note at the chapter head on available mirrors would be kind (especially
as the original site seems not to have one).  Warning: the mirror is NOT complete and up-to-date.

The section for "courier-0.47" has "extacted" for "extracted"

The section for "xscreensaver-4.21" gives
command explanations which seem disconnected from
the commands themselves!

Some mysteries:
Among the dependencies for GNOME-utilities-2.8.1 is listed
   Linux-PAM-0.78 (requires consolehelper)
   consolehelper?  It's not mentioned as a dependency of Linux-PAM,
   it's not apparently a tool provided by Linux-PAM, and it doesn't
   feature anywhere else in the (6.0) document.

I found one bad link in the .pdf version of BLFS Book 6.0.
It seems to be all right in the live multipage .html version, but
it's not clear where the problem is, so I'm reporting it anyway.
In the section for "SDL-1.2.8", the listed dependency "NAS-1.6"
has a link to a random-looking location
(actually to the old aRts mini-section in chapter 37)
  (n.b.: aRts has moved on to 1.4.0 in the live Book)

That's enough for today!

Bernard Leak.

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