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Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Mon Dec 26 05:54:55 PST 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Alexander E. Patrakov wrote these words on 12/26/05 07:32 CST:
>>Fonts for GTK2 and Qt (i.e., fonts accessible via Xft) are configured in 
>>fontconfig. Fonts for the core X protocol (i.e. for GTK1, Tk, Xaw and 
>>Motif) are still configured in xorg.conf. These obsolete toolkits know 
>>nothing about fontconfig.
> I thought that as well. But you have to pick your battles. :-)
> I know Andy wants to get rid of all GTK1 applications and I figured
> this was just the first step.
> I figured "oh well" and just knew I would keep the font definitions
> in xorg.conf until the time where *I* needed them no longer. However,
> I was only thinking about me, and not about the book. I wonder if
> some of the BLFS applications that rely on GTK1 will still display
> properly.

Let me move this to blfs-dev. I will describe my viewpoint, concerning 
the upcoming UTF-8 merge in LFS and the special case of the LiveCD.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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