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Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Tue Dec 13 18:16:56 PST 2005

Andrew Benton wrote:

> The Editors guide isn't very clear on the point. It says
> "Build sizes should be measured with a df -k / command before the
> package is unpacked and after the package is installed." so I assumed it
> meant the disk space the application would take up after it was
> installed. It'd be simple to rearrange the build script and do df -k /
> before rm -rf abiword-2.4.1

Wrong assumption.  Think it through.  We are trying to tell the user how
much space it takes to unpack, build, and install.  What we want is to:

measure freespace1
measure freespace2

Optionally delete build directory.

Calculate buildsize=freespace1-freespace2

A direct calculation using du is also OK such as:

mkdir /tmp/pkg
cd /tmp/pkg
tar -xf pkg.tar.gz
cd pkg
make DESTDIR=/tmp/pkg/install install
du -sk /tmp/pkg

  -- Bruce

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