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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Dec 13 13:37:38 PST 2005

Andrew Benton wrote these words on 12/13/05 15:27 CST:

> The difference is 24300, which I divided by 1024 to get the size in Mb

But Andy you're not thinking logically. Think about it. Just
unpacking the tarball yields more than 120 MB of space used. How on
earth could it be anything less than that.

Your procedures are way flawed.

You do know to measure the total before you delete the source tree,

The goal here is to let users know about how much disk space they
need to build the packages. This means that at the point right after
the 'make install', they would need enough space for:

1. The installed files
2. The fully configured and built source tree without anything
removed from it.
3. The space any temp files would be using.

This is how much disk space it takes to build and install the
package. And this is what we are trying to pass along to the users.

OpenOffice says it takes 5.7 GIGABYTES of space. But I'd bet there
are only a few hundred megabytes of installed files in /opt


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