[Bug 1707] Firefox/Thunderbird-1.5 build instructions

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Sun Dec 11 22:09:16 PST 2005


------- Additional Comments From dbn.lists at gmail.com  2005-12-11 23:09 -------
I started writing a reply two days ago, was about done, then closed firefox to
check when MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME is set.  Whoops.

Short answer: we should keep --default-mozilla-five-home for safety.

OK, so MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME is set at runtime by run-mozilla.sh.  This value is set
to MOZ_DIST_BIN which is set to dirname $0.  And the directory for
run-mozilla.sh is hard-coded into /usr/bin/firefox as moz_libdir.  This is set
at compile-time from browser/app/mozilla.in independently of
DEFAULT_MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME.  So, just running firefox is independent of

Grepping through the object directory and the installed files, I find that that
define -DDEFAULT_MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME exists in /usr/bin/firefox-config and
/usr/include/firefox-1.5/mozilla-config.h.  firefox-config seems to be a
pkg-config sort of script a la freetype-config.  It seems that compiling a
package that depends on firefox will pull in -DDEFAULT_MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=... 
So, unless someone knows whether packages that depend on firefox use this or
not, it seems we should keep setting it to be safe.

Otherwise, I think it's mostly historical where you could set MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME,
and /usr/bin/mozilla would look there for the libraries.


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