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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Dec 10 08:39:34 PST 2005

Andrew Benton wrote these words on 12/10/05 10:18 CST:

> I have tried to do that...but what about bsetroot? It isn't a command or a script on a current BLFS system. It's what <command>fbsetroot</command> used to be called.

No big deal. However, because when it *was* used, it was used as a
command, so I figured it probably should be annotated as such.

>>Also, (I fixed two of these in a previous commit), almost *always*
>>when you begin a sentence with "If", you'll need a comma in the
>>sentence to separate the two clauses. In this case probably before
>>the "then".
> Yeah? I try to use punctuation to put over the way I'd say the sentence. I read it through in my mind and try to imagine saying it, and then put a comma where I would pause.

That's great, however, perhaps we could stick with conventional
grammar recommendations from folks that have written books on the
subject. :-)

Here's an example, check out Rules 9 and 19. You may also wish
to read the sentences on this page that begin with "If". There
are probably better examples and authorities on the web, but
all my grammar bookmarks are on another machine right now that
I cannot get to. This is the first thing google brought up when
I used keywords of 'grammar if clause comma'.


> I disagree, in this case `it's' is short for `it has', the apostrophe indicates the missing letters

Yes, of course. I misread the sentence. My bad for that, and sorry
for the noise.

>> And I'm not sure that "...DOH!" is
>>something we should be putting in a technical book. In fact, I know
>>it shouldn't be there.
> Well we all make mistakes...

Hey, don't worry about it, no big deal. Understand I was trying to
be helpful, not critical. It falls under the category of constructive
criticism, which is delivered in an attempt to point out areas where
one can learn.

I do note, however, that in your corrections, you decided to keep it.


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