[Bug 1707] Firefox/Thunderbird-1.5 build instructions

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Thu Dec 8 16:14:44 PST 2005

blfs-bugs at linuxfromscratch.org wrote:
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> ------- Additional Comments From dbn.lists at gmail.com  2005-12-08 16:16 -------

>>I think Randy has already said he doesn't like the MOZ_OBJDIR build and I can
>>see his point of view. I can't see any compelling reason to do it that way. I do
>>OBJDIR builds myself and I'd like to argue in favour of it but..
> Bruce said he wanted it somewhere in the long mail thread, but I don't care that
> much.  I would like to leave it in the mozconfig commented if it's deemed not
> necessary, though.  Then people can use it if they want.  I personally like to
> use an objdir for any large packages.  One good use is in testing where you can
> keep old objdirs and diff them.

I don't remember that.  I thought using the mozconfig was a good idea.
I pointed out that other packages (X, glibc, binutils, etc) used the
objdir idea so it isn't a new precedent.  I can go either way on the objdir.

  -- Bruce

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