[Bug 1707] Firefox/Thunderbird-1.5 build instructions

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> Just a couple of queries, it might
> be good to put a comment above the --disable-accessibility option. People with
> disabilities may not want that in their mozconfig.
> http://www.mozilla.org/access/slideshow/text

Yeah, good call.  I just added comments to my own file before attaching, and I
disable it.  Should be commented in the book.

> And setting a default-mozilla-five-home, does it make a difference? Not sure. 

I never noticed that it did anything.  I never used it until I saw it in the
BLFS book.  I don't have the energy to try to search through the source tree to
see what it does, either.  I'll probably drop it in my own build.

The same goes for BUILD_OFFICIAL and MOZILLA_OFFICIAL.  This is undocumented on
the online Mozilla configurator, which makes me think it does nothing.  Further,
I grepped through the source and did a lot of searching, and I don't think it
does anything any more.  I've tried various combinations of export,
mk_add_options and unset, but I never noticed any difference in the build logs.
 The only place in the source that I noticed anything conditional had to do with
the winnt and wince targets.  The only reason I don't drop it is because of this
page which might be outdated http://www.mozilla.org/build/distribution.html.

> I think Randy has already said he doesn't like the MOZ_OBJDIR build and I can
> see his point of view. I can't see any compelling reason to do it that way. I do
> OBJDIR builds myself and I'd like to argue in favour of it but..

Bruce said he wanted it somewhere in the long mail thread, but I don't care that
much.  I would like to leave it in the mozconfig commented if it's deemed not
necessary, though.  Then people can use it if they want.  I personally like to
use an objdir for any large packages.  One good use is in testing where you can
keep old objdirs and diff them.

> Another thing, Open Office might need a switch passed to the Firefox build. I
> think it may be
> ac_add_options --enable-ldap

Yes, I keep forgetting about that.  That should be in there, probably commented.
 That's the right switch, too.

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