[Bug 1707] Firefox/Thunderbird-1.5 build instructions

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Thu Dec 8 14:50:09 PST 2005


------- Additional Comments From b3nt at ukonline.co.uk  2005-12-08 15:50 -------
I just wanted to add that if you run configure it checks the options in the
mozconfig in just the same way as if they were command line switches. The
attached mozconfig options look good to me. Just a couple of queries, it might
be good to put a comment above the --disable-accessibility option. People with
disabilities may not want that in their mozconfig.
And setting a default-mozilla-five-home, does it make a difference? Not sure. 
I think Randy has already said he doesn't like the MOZ_OBJDIR build and I can
see his point of view. I can't see any compelling reason to do it that way. I do
OBJDIR builds myself and I'd like to argue in favour of it but..
Another thing, Open Office might need a switch passed to the Firefox build. I
think it may be
ac_add_options --enable-ldap

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