[Bug 1557] New: HTML Tidy-050826

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Aug 27 22:58:26 PDT 2005

Justin R. Knierim wrote these words on 08/28/05 00:55 CST:

> Yeah, they had 4 new tgz's made this week alone.  Pretty busy.  You guys 
> are always welcome to point to lfs-matrix.{de,net} also.

This I don't understand at all. It is my understanding that the
mirror you are referencing syncs from Anduin. What on earth possible
good would it be to point there if Anduin doesn't get updated?

Is someone manually updating that mirror?


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[GNU C Library stable release version 2.3.4] [Linux 2.6.10 i686]
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