Package User system [was:Re: [Bug 1536] ]

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Mon Aug 22 00:04:00 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote these words on 08/22/05 01:29 CST:
>>To me, this is the same as installing in /home/buildusername/packagename
> I was very unclear here. What I meant was, using DESTDIR is just
> the same as using --prefix=/someprivatedirwhereIhavepermissions
> This way there is never an issue of something important being
> overwritten because the unprivileged user is issuing the command.

It all boils down to what we need to do for the specific package.  For
instance, kde has to have KDE_PREFIX set and looks for prereqs there.
What I did after kdelibs was to have it look in KDE_PREFIX and then
install in DESTDIR.  I then install again into the normal location.

  -- Bruce

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