Package User system [was:Re: [Bug 1536] ]

Randy McMurchy LFS-User at
Sun Aug 21 22:20:58 PDT 2005

Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 08/22/05 00:14 CST:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>>root at rmlinux: /home/rml/build > for FILENAME in \
>>`cat Installed/xpdf-3.00pl3/filelist.log`; do rm $FILENAME; done
> I think you have a syntax error here, but I get the idea.

Where is the error? I cut and pasted this. Only thing different
is I added the backslash so that the line wouldn't be too long
in the email.

> BTW, how to you automate creation of filelist.log?

Here is excerpts from my template. I have a script that uses this
template to create a build file (the finds must be executes as root):

(before unpacking)

find / -xdev \
       -wholename '/home/rml/build/Installed/Template-Change' \
       -prune -o -print \
    >Installed/Template-Change/filelist_start.log 2>&1

(after deleting the source dir)

find / -xdev \
       -wholename '/home/rml/build/Installed/Template-Change' \
       -prune -o -print \
    >Installed/Template-Change/filelist_end.log 2>&1
diff Installed/Template-Change/filelist_start.log \
     Installed/Template-Change/filelist_end.log \
grep "^> " Installed/Template-Change/filelist_temp.log \
sed -i -e "s/^> //" Installed/Template-Change/filelist_tmp.log
sort Installed/Template-Change/filelist_tmp.log \
rm -f Installed/Template-Change/filelist_*.log

I realize it could be refined, but it works for me.


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