Package User system [was:Re: [Bug 1536] ]

Chris Staub chris at
Sun Aug 21 22:03:35 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Chris Staub wrote these words on 08/21/05 23:14 CST:
>>The directories where files will be installed by package users will be 
>>part of the "install" group, which the package users are also part of, 
>>and group-writable, and sticky.
> Only because there is an active thread about this, and I happen to
> want to remove my existing installation of Xpdf, I am wondering how
> my method compares to the Package User method for uninstalling a
> package.
> Here's what I do (note: if there are directories, I must manually
> delete them as I've been too lazy to write a script that does this):
> root at rmlinux: /home/rml/build > for FILENAME in \
> `cat Installed/xpdf-3.00pl3/filelist.log`; do rm $FILENAME; done
> This is it. Package gone.

None, I think (I don't actually use package-users), except for the 
potential slight difference if a package happens to install files with 
the same name as another package.

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