Package User system [was:Re: [Bug 1536] ]

Chris Staub chris at
Sun Aug 21 21:04:02 PDT 2005

Tushar Teredesai wrote:
> On 8/21/05, Randy McMurchy <LFS-User at> wrote:
>>400 or so more users in /etc/passwd
>>300 or so more lines in /etc/
>>300 or so more lines in /etc/man.conf
>>When I issue 'echo $PATH' it scrolls forever
>>/etc/profile is now 800 lines long because of $PKG_CONFIG_PATH
> Seems like you have the wrong idea of pkg-user management. Except for
> the first line about /etc/passwd, everything else is not correct.

Yeah, the package-user method puts all the libraries and program files 
in the standard locations (/bin,/usr/bin,/lib,/usr/lib...) - each file 
is just owned by the "user" who installed that package. The only place 
where there would be a lot of extra directories is wherever you put the 
package-user home directories...

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