[Bug 1536] JDK source install instructions seem to be slightly incorrect.

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Aug 21 18:12:22 PDT 2005

Paul Bowyer wrote:
> What happened was this:
> "cp -v -a j2sdk-image /opt/jdk/jdk-1.5.0" placed the "j2sdk-image" directory 
> in "/opt/jdk/jdk-1.5.0" rather than just its contents as was probably 
> intended.

This means that the /opt/jdk/jdk-1.5.0 directory already exists.  The
behavior is correct as the directory should not be there.

Your error is here:

>     /usr/lib/pkgusr/install -v -d /opt/jdk/jdk-1.5.0

Which should be not there at all.


-- DJ Lucas

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