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DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Aug 20 21:21:52 PDT 2005

Sorry for the late reply.  I had to close out while mucking around with
udev and forgot to send it.

Randy McMurchy wrote:

>>+      <note>
>>+        <para>For versions of udev greater than 0.58, this script will
>>+        not work by default.  You'll have to add dev.d compatibility by adding
>>+        a udev rules file that contains the line 
>>+        'RUN="/sbin/udev_send_devd" 

Could expand that with a specific file, but it'll be removed shortly
anyway, as will the script.

>> to continue using the now depreciated 
>>+        dev.d system.</para>
>>+      </note>
> Is the dev.d stuff depreciated, or deprecated?  :-)
> s/depreciated/deprecated/

OK, again it'll be removed soon, but best to have it right for now.

> Also, is udev being used as an application (should be capitalized), or
> as a command (with <command> tags). There are two instances. Additionally,
> probably <filename class='directory'> tags on the two instances of dev.d.

Yep on both.  Thank you.

>>       <para>You may wish to do additional configuration on a per card basis.

Actually, after reading another comment about it tonight (last night), I
was writing my reply and it finally occurred to me that it is very
device specific, no matter how much I want it in there, it should
probably be ripped out completely.  Much like my suggestion to remove
mySQL instructions from Courier, it's perfect hint material.  It's still
there only because it was there before (undocumented) and I used it.

-- DJ Lucas

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