SANE Instructions

Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Nov 12 21:16:17 PST 2004

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Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> randy at wrote:
>>a <acronym>USB</acronym> scanner will need the
>><application>libusb</application> package and a +<acronym>SCSI</acronym>
>>system for emulation.
> Are you sure about SCSI system?

No. In fact, I was going to wait until the commit rendered so
everyone could view the changes, and ask this very question.

Overall, I think the instructions are much better. However, I
have questions on some of it. The SCSI emulation was a main
point of concern. Any advice is welcome.

>>See <ulink url=""/>
>>for information about using
>><application><acronym>SANE</acronym></application> with the Linux-2.6.x
>>kernel. For information about <acronym>USB</acronym> scanning devices,
>>run <command>man sane-usb</command>.
> This references the "hotplug" package. LFS developers may or may not like
> that for BLFS 6.0. The "usb" group is used in LFS 6.0 for setting access to
> USB devices like scanners without the hotplug package installed.

Alex, I encourage you to provide instructions to substitute for what
I currently have. In fact the two items you bring up are the items I
am concerned with. Please provide updated instructions, or point
me to something where I can better educate myself on the subject and
provide better BLFS instructions.

Overall, however,  do you think the instructions have improved?
(sure they can be better, but I'm doing my best)


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