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Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Mon May 31 08:33:03 PDT 2004

Igor Zivkovic wrote:

>bdubbs at wrote:
>>   Lisp</application> and <application>GTK</application> binding. This is useful 
>>   for extending <application>GTK-2</application> and <application>GDK
>>   </application> libraries with <application>Lisp</application>. The 
>>  -<application>rep-gtk</application>-0.15 package contains the bindings to 
>>  +<application>rep-gtk</application>-&rep-gtk-version; package contains the bindings to 
>>   <application>GTK</application> and uses the same instructions. Both 
>>   can be installed, if needed. </para>
>I think what is being said here is that rep-gtk <= 0.15 contains the
>bindings to GTK1 and rep-gtk >= 0.16 to GTK2.

OK.  I fixed and made more obvious.  Thanks.
  -- Bruce

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