blfs-bootscripts versioning scheme [ Was Re: cvs commit: BLFS/BOOK/introduction/important bootscripts.xml]

Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Sat May 22 10:38:38 PDT 2004

Larry wrote:

>On Sat, May 22, 2004 at 09:18:21AM -0600, tushar at wrote:
>>   <!ENTITY introduction SYSTEM "introduction.xml">
>>  -<!ENTITY blfs-bootscripts-version "2004-05-19">
>>  +<!ENTITY blfs-bootscripts-version "2004-05-29">
>>   <!ENTITY blfs-bootscripts-download "&downloads-root;/blfs-bootscripts-&blfs-bootscripts-version;.tar.bz2">
>>   <!ENTITY intro-welcome SYSTEM "welcome/welcome.xml">
>Is there plan on releases, like "date" becomes "version" or do we want
>to leave it dated?
I released the first versions with a date since I anticipated additions 
before the release and did not want to make releases and keep having to 
increment it.

IMO, the bootscripts are not very useful when not used in conjunction 
with the book. I was going to propose that we use the book version for 
the blfs-bootscripts when we make a stable release and dated versions 
for the unstable.

For the compatibility with lfs-bootscripts, I have included a file 
lfs-bootscripts.version in the root directory which will state the 
compatible lfs-bootscripts versions (right now there is only one but as 
new versions of lfs-bootscripts are released, we can add more).


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