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  Added:       bootscripts lfs-bootscripts.version
  Added lfs-bootscripts compatibility info
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  1.2       +3 -2      BLFS/bootscripts/README
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  --- README	14 May 2004 06:03:34 -0000	1.1
  +++ README	14 May 2004 06:14:44 -0000	1.2
  @@ -2,8 +2,9 @@
   This package contains the bootscripts that are mentioned in
   the BLFS BOOK. The scripts cannot be installed independently
  -but needs to be installed in conjunction with identically
  -matched lfs-bootscripts package.
  +but needs to be installed in conjunction with a compatible
  +lfs-bootscripts package. See the <lfs-bootscripts.version> file
  +for compatibility information.
   The various install targets are mentioned in the book. For
   more information refer to the BLFS BOOK at
  1.1                  BLFS/bootscripts/lfs-bootscripts.version
  Index: lfs-bootscripts.version
  Compatible with lfs-bootscripts:
  	Version 2.0.5

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