Re-organization of the next release of BLFS Book!!

randhir phagura rsphagura at
Wed Mar 31 17:06:58 PST 2004

Hi the Editors & Organizers of BLFS,

I am not sure if I am sending this mail to the right place. If not, be kind 
enough to direct it to the right quarters please.

I have become a fan of LFS/BLFS for the last four months or so. I have built 
some systems based on
your brilliant efforts. The books are very well researched and edited with 
all the conveniences at hand for anyone inquisitive and adventurous enough 
to take a plunge into this fascinating world of  LFS-BLFS. It works so well 
!! Apart from being tailored to the system one owns, the greatest benefit is 
that this exercise gives one a sense of achievement and elation which is 
very personal, as opposed to just installing a bundled junk - i.e. the 
available distributions.

I would like to venture a suggestion which I feel would improve the current 
organization of the BLFS Book. If the 'powers that be', at your end, approve 
of this suggestion, then you may like to consider incorporating the same in 
the next release of the BLFS. My suggestion, in short, is as follows:

"The BLFS book is already in logical Chapters or Parts. However, for going 
after a line of action for installing desktop environs and the applications, 
a user has to research into a maze of dependencies, dependencies of 
dependencies and their further dependencies, in some cases. I know that a 
'hint' and some tools exist to straighten out the dependencies. But my 
suggestion is that the book can also be re-organized to give various choices 
to the user (especially a newbie-like me) what she/he would like to go for 
after installing upto X-window system. Most people would like to go for KDE 
or Gnome. Few will like to have both. And, thereafter, (for example) those 
who may have selected KDE (which I feel will be a majority) may, most 
likely, want Abiword, Gnumeric, GnuCash, GIMP, XMMS and maybe Evolution 
also, which are better than what one gets in KDE and KDE Office or Open 
Office. Going for selective packages from both the Desktops is unavoidable 
because of the relative convenience of the applications available in both. 
This is to avoid overloading and, consequently, slowing down one's system by 
having both Desktops installed. This, incidentally, is one of the major 
advantages of LFS/BLFS, over the other distributions. The suggestion, 
therefore, is to list out various groups of desktop-environs and 
application-choices and then below them just list out the various 
dependencies that these involve. These choice-groups may then be organized 
into chapters/parts, without any repetitions offcourse. So that this kind of 
re-organization meets the choice-groups of a majority of BLFS enthusiasts, a 
survey may be conducted through the available forums of BLFS."

Thanks for patient reading of this mail.


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