BLFS-5.0: Nautilus-2.2.4 installation error.

randhir phagura rsphagura at
Tue Mar 2 22:16:05 PST 2004


Regarding the above subject and the reply reproduced below:

>You shouldn't use eel 2.5.8 (current beta) together with nautilus 2.2.4
>(second last release serie). Just install eel 2.2.4, also available for
>download from the gnome ftp servers. In BLFS 5.0 there is a missing link
>to eel on the nautilus page but eel itself is in the book:
>The missing dependency link has been added in the current development
>version of BLFS.

Thanks for your information. I installed eel-2.2.4 and Nautilus installation 
succeeded. I like to suggest further, that Nautilus also requires 
'librsvg-2.2.5'. This also does not figure in the primary, secondary or 
tertiary dependency lists. I had to install this package as well.

Thanks & Regards,


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