BLFS-5.0: Nautilus-2.2.4 installation error.

Jürg Billeter j at
Mon Mar 1 01:28:18 PST 2004


On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 09:50, randhir phagura wrote:
> This is for information of other users of BLFS who may have experienced 
> similar problem
> with Nautilus-2.2.4:
> The error while installing this package, it indicated its dependency on 
> 'eel-2.0'. But this was not mentioned in the BLFS-5.0 Book. (Perhaps the 
> Book needs to be modified accordingly.)
> The latest 'eel-2.5.8-tar.bz2' is available from the link shown at Nautilus 
> homepage.
You shouldn't use eel 2.5.8 (current beta) together with nautilus 2.2.4
(second last release serie). Just install eel 2.2.4, also available for
download from the gnome ftp servers. In BLFS 5.0 there is a missing link
to eel on the nautilus page but eel itself is in the book:
The missing dependency link has been added in the current development
version of BLFS.


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