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Igor Zivkovic igor at
Sat Jan 31 23:19:51 PST 2004

tushar at wrote:
>  <para>Package Management has been one of the often requested addition


>   of two or more of these techniques. This section also mentions
>   in brief about some upgrade issues.</para>

I would change the last sentence in this paragraph to: "This section
also briefly mentions some upgrade issues."

>   to find if one of them fits your need.</para>


>  <para>Following are some points that you should be aware of when upgrading

s/Following/The following/

>   pacakges, especially on a running system.</para>


>  <listitem><para>It is recommended that if one of the toolchain package (glibc, gcc,


>  <acronym>LFS</acronym>. Though you <emphasis>may</emphasis> be able to get by by

s/by by/by/

>   latter. For example if glibc-2.2.x needs to be updated to glibc-2.3.x, it is safer

s/For example if/For example, if/

>  <title>Its all in my head!</title>


>  <filename>/ust/pkg</filename> hierachy. Installing in this manner is not usually a trivial


>  <para>In this approach, a library is preloaded before installation and during
>   installation, this library tracks the packages that are being installed by

s/installation, this/installation. This/  ?

I hope this helps and thanks for the excellent page, Tushar! You just
motivated me to finally decide which method I'm going to use on my
systems. :)

Igor Zivkovic

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