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   <para>All of the <acronym>BLFS</acronym> instructions install programs in
  -<filename>/usr</filename> unless specifically stated otherwise.  There
  -are examples where some files are placed in the
  -<filename>/usr/local</filename> hierarchy but these are documented and
  -are generally for a good reason. These exceptions should be well documented 
  -in the book.  If you think you have found one which isn't please tell us!</para>
  +<filename>/usr</filename> or <filename>/opt</filename> unless specifically
  +stated otherwise.</para>
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   <?dbhtml filename="welcome.html" dir="introduction"?>
   <title>Welcome to <acronym>BLFS</acronym></title>
   <para>The Beyond Linux From Scratch book is designed to carry on from
  -where the <acronym>LFS</acronym> book leaves off.  Unlike the <acronym>LFS
  +where the <acronym>LFS</acronym> book leaves off.  But unlike the <acronym>LFS
   </acronym> book, it isn't designed to be followed straight through.  Reading 
   the <xref linkend="intro-welcome-whichsections"/> part of this chapter should
   help guide you through the book.</para>

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