[Bug 630] Mozilla 1.6 enigmail instructions depend on csh (AKA, simplified build instructions)

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Sun Feb 29 18:02:30 PST 2004


------- Additional Comments From lizardo at linuxfromscratch.org  2004-02-29 19:02 -------
Indeed, it did not work when I tried the easiest approach of using "./configure
... --enable-extensions=all,ipc,enigmail && make && make install", due a
classical chicken-egg problem: if I enable enigmail earlier on "configure", the
mozilla's toolchain tries to build the enigmail extension before some of its
dependencies (AFAIK mailnews/compose and mailnews/extensions/smime). Then, if I
do not enable enigmal and ipc on configure, it does not create the Makefile for
them, so I cannot use a simple "make -C extensions/ipc && make -C

Anyway, I came up with a set of instructions that seem to satisfy the purposes
of this bug#:

- Remove the csh dependency by not using the "makemake" script;
- Simplify the things a bit on the way.

So, here is a diff of what changes:

< cd extensions/ipc
< ./makemake -r
< make
< cd ../enigmail
< ./makemake -r
< make
< cd ../..
> ./build/autoconf/make-makefile extensions/ipc extensions/enigmail
> make -C extensions/ipc
> make -C extensions/enigmail

< for i in components/enigmime.xpt \
< components/ipc.xpt components/libenigmime.so components/enigmail.js \
< components/enigmail.xpt chrome/enigmail.jar
< do
<   install dist/bin/$i /usr/lib/mozilla-1.6/$i
< done
> make -C extensions/ipc install
> make -C extensions/enigmail install

I've made a full and clean (i.e. whithout a previous Mozilla installation) build
using these instructions and had no problems. The enigmail menu is there, the
"view console" does not show anything abnormal (although I could not test the
plugin myself as I don't use Mozilla Mail). I would apreciate if someone else
tries the above instructions to see if I forgot something.

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